Hart Low Carb & Hart Ketogenic Diet
The Ultimate and Easiest way to a Healthy Life

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Hart Low Carb and Hart Ketogenic diets can help you with - weight loss, lowering pains in joints and alleviating signs of arthritis, Gout, Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD), skin conditions (acne & psoriasis), heartburn, reversing diabetes type 2, prolonging signs of Alzheimers (diabetes type 3), Parkinson & MS, IBS, Croons, Metabolic Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Migraine, Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease. In fact all Autoimmune Diseases will either be reversed or halted. We are able to help with a Hart Ketogenic Diet designed to eradicate or inhibit growth of cancer cells and tumors. I currently don't advise on diabetes type 1.

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Why are carbohydrates so bad for you? ==>

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Today we shoud be able to live beyond 90 without pain. 4 out of 10 cancers are avoidable*. Millions of years are lost through illness and early death. Almost all ailments we have in the western world are man made all due to wrong foods from almost the day we are born. The problems can start even before you become insuline resistant - some babies are born with this condition. Why are carbohydrates bad? ==>

Hart Low Carb and Hart Ketogenic are the ONLY Diet Plans, actually they should be called WOE - Way Of Eating that look at and take into account nutritional and bodily factors. It is a Lifestyle change and if you decide to come on board, you will thank yourself for the rest of your life. These are the factors which are a part of the Diet Plan.

  • Weight Loss by cutting carbohydrates, amount will depend on personal circumstances and wishes for future results, plan is individual
  • Autoimmune Disease Control. Stop and even reverse existing condition/s
  • Balance ratio between omega 3 & 6 to reduce inflammation
  • Include important vitamins that are dependent on one another to work
  • Maximize mineral intake
  • Include enzymes for optimal digestion & immune system
  • Cut out or minimize processed food and any NON fermented soy product

"As a retired physician, I can honestly say that unless you are in a serious accident, Your best chance of living to a ripe old age is to avoid doctors and hospitals and learn nutrition, herbal medicine and other forms of natural medicine [i.e. PREVENTION]. Almost all drugs are toxic and are designed only to treat symptoms and not to cure anyone. Most surgery is unnecessary. In short, our mainstream medical system is hopelessly inept and/or corrupt. the treatment of cancer and degenerative disease is a national scandal. The sooner you learn this, the better off you will be."   Doctor Allan Greenberg Source 1 2

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